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DriversGuru is a free web library hub of device drivers for different vendors such as HP, Dell, AMD, Realtek etc. Drivers includes Graphic, Printer, Bluetooth, Scanner, Wireless, Laptop, Desktop, etc. Just browser by Vendor names, Categories, Device Classes, Hardware IDs, or Operation Systems. All drivers are available for free download and all of our device drivers are organized by vendor name and by device category, so you can easily find the drivers whatever you want!

What is Drivers

A software program which communicate or control internal or external devices to work with a computer’s operating system, called “Device Drivers”. It can be a printer, camera, CD or DVD rom, Keyboard, mouse, video cards, optical media drives or monitor.
Drivers are very essential for a computer system to work properly because without device driver the particular device fails to work accordingly, means it fails in doing a particular function/action for which it has been created.
Some drivers are installed automatically with Operating system. But we may need to install manually for few devices. For example, a printer driver communicates the computer commands to the printer to perform a certain task (make printouts). A software driver interprets the computer commands to a software program to do something else.

Types of Device Driver:

For almost every device associated with the computer system there exist Device Driver for the particular hardware. But it can be broadly classified into two types i.e.,

Kernel-mode Device Driver

This Kernel-mode device driver includes some generic hardware which loads with operating System as part the OS these are BIOS, motherboard, processor and some other hardware which are part of kernel software. These includes the minimum system requirement device drivers for each operating system.

User-mode Device Driver

Other than the devices which are brought by kernel for working of the system the user also bring some devices for use during the using of a system that devices needs device drivers to functions those drivers’ falls under User mode device driver. For example user needs any plug and play action that comes under this.